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Sunday, December 25, 2011

sLexy and I.

I have dyed my hair blue for this semester's break and it seems that it has faded to some grey-devastating tone or something.

But I am kind of digging the look if you may asked.

I know blogging about this maybe a tad old but I am very sure you all have heard about the accident occured in Tamparuli, Sabah, right?

Well, in the midst of chaos and mourns, something--How should I say this-Hilarious--happened.

The list of names of people who happened to be in the accident was spreading like wildfire on Facebook and I decided to just check it out to see if there was anyone who is familiar to me or something.

Surprisingly, there was one name VERY similar to my brother's name.

Although, in the morning, I had seen him around the house. Seeing his name got me panicking! I even asked my Mom and my Sister if he left for Sabah!


It is irrelevant but you know, things happened. Who knows the morning I saw him, right after that he actually just went off to KK or something.

And our relatives actually called us asking if he was OK. From his side of story, friends and kin too, asked if he was in Brunei.

Well, all in all. He is still breathing and it wasn't him. That's a good news, I guess.

Let's all take this short moment to pray-or-whatever to pay our condolences to those who lost their lives in the accident.






Anyway, that's all. I have actually a lot of things to blog about BUT I am just too lazy and at times, I get real busy.

It's frustrating enough for me not to be able to keep track of the time in my life as I used to long ago. Sad.


Just right there.
Sunday, October 30, 2011

A photo of Aez Idris, that I personally took from God-knows-when.

Time flies fast these days. It feels like yesterday I just entered Form 6 and now, I am in university.

Form 6 was hard, I tell ya. Everything has to be based on the books or notes the teachers gave us. Thank God, there is this little flexibility now that we are allowed to utilize the internet for our researches and all kinds of crap.

I can feel this tension just right around my neck, right now. I have assignments coming due soon and my progress is just slow! I feel like I am not taking everything seriously but I am. (Okay, perhaps I should see some specialist and talk about how I am fighting emotionally with my inner-self. I feel bad for making fun of the emos LOL)

People can only give good/bad advice, but we have to deal with it. It's like that.



Irrelevantly bigoted.
Friday, October 28, 2011

I am a bit disturbed by a comment made from an acquaintance actually.

You know how Facebook nowadays post up gross stuff like a fetus being cut, head smashed on the ground, blood splatters all around, etc...

Just now, I felt like making fun of the seriousness that they are portraying. You know to lighten things up.

And there's a photo of this dog after being tied onto a car and dragged, it was a white dog and its skinned itself and it kinda reminds me a bit of strawberry jam.

I updated myself saying it nudged me as the food mentioned above.

ALL OF SUDDEN, out of nowhere, this dude who I only met for only one night! A NIGHT, I repeat, said that:

"I don't know you anymore."

I guess he was appalled of what I said despite, I was trying to be funny. And there was another friend who have ditched me for so many times, who I haven't met for MONTHS liked the status.

I mean what's up with them?


I have only met them for one time, and a few times.

Whateverlah, they're like fucking emos who can't even control their undefined sad emotions. Seriously, I have one of those down moments but what's the fucking point if I could only beat myself up *mentally or physically* and not moving on?



Back to square one?
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Okay, anyone would easily guess who are we trying to impersonate.

He's an asshole but he's funny as hell.

I guess, God is being fair after all. If someone's filthy rich, he's gotta be ugly. If she's smoking hot, she's gotta be hairy on every part of her body.

Life's like that.

I guess, I might have good features (Just my lashes and nose) and a sense of style*ahem* but God gave me pulsating pimples and lumps of fats.

I haven't been updating this blog for quite awhile. Procrastination is such a bitch.

I just thought no one would actually read this but surprise, surprise, I got closed friends who are active in this 'program'.

It does feel like old times.

Anyway, I'm out. I have TONS of assignments.


If its worth fighting and having for.
Thursday, June 16, 2011

Credits to Hasnal/Hasnol (Seriously, I forgot the name)
From L-R: Bryan, Hill and Hengsie. At the back is Steven!

Photo was taken some party hosted by Toi-something, again, I forgot the name. I seriously need to work on my memorizing skills man! I'm not being racist or anything but Chinese has the most difficult names to pronounce and all! But I mostly get it right ;-) 'Cuz I'm good, d'uh!

Been busy with life, so far. And I am loving it! I really hate it though when everything just gets SO slow and all. I prefer something fast 'cuz it excites me way more!

Last night, after meeting up with some KB people (Sandra, Gabe, they all!) at Kimchi (Some Korean food restaurant, seriously, raw meat doesn't incite me into eating them!) with my Kitsy! And then, went to HillyBilly's house 'cuz they were about to catch up and all. But I've got to go and met up with Dinah @ Fullcan. And later meeting up Achum, Asma and Fakhrul @ TK, Gadong.

We were really keen on seeing the Lunar Eclipse which was supposedly to be seen at 3 AM in the morning? And we went off, thinking, there was no eclipse since the moon faded off into the clouds and all. Little did we know, it actually came back and showed a spectacular scenery at 5 AM! Fuck that shit!

Oh well, I can always just play around with 'cuz currently, their page displays the moon eclipse and you can actually play around with it. Yay! (Well, not really that much of yay)
Anyway, off I go, gotta get ready and all.



I'm a rush junkie!
Thursday, June 9, 2011

Model: Bash, Photographer & Post-processing: Me.

Y'know just because I'm not really an outdoor kind of person (as in one of those individuals who are not really committed to extreme activities such as rock-climbing or staying 2-3 nights inside the forest, camping) I don't like having the feeling of adrenaline rush.

Actually, the title says it all! I love racing against time, doing something I thought I never would, basically anything that'd give me the rush! I love living my life in the fast lane.

And maybe that's why, I've never been the person who would prefer to just sit around or waiting in line for your turn in banks or the hospital OR even waiting for someone! It's boring! These days (or has it always been...) I haven't been able to get enough sleeps. I've always slept late, wake up early, doing things, driving around Brunei (literally, throughout the country sometimes), enjoy the day, ending it with a short sleep, and waking up again, the whole thing starts again! Of course, the routine is pretty similar except that my days are *sometimes* filled with unimaginably interesting things and people!

My body clock is really messed up and that makes me wonder how I survive through the day. I've never really found the answer though. I don't think they're cigarettes or energy drinks. Probably, (Well, my assumption) is how you set your mind! How your mind is strong enough to control your body!

I've always told myself to live my life to the fullest. But that's just not enough, and so, I tried to support that statement. That is, to never say you're tired until like you're 40 or something! But I do admit, I do get exhausted and in need a bit of a rest. But that won't stop how *sometimes* wild I venture things!

I've always wondered if there's anyone out there who could keep up with my pace. Maybe, if there's one, we're meant for each other! Or got ourselves separated during births! Although the thought of dying due to asphyxiation does bother me sometimes, but that doesn't stop me from doing whatever I want!

Gotta go now, gotta pack up for Bandar!



It's been a while!
Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It was never my intention to go blonde... Really!

I don't know if you guys notice that I'm no longer a brunette! And trust me, it was NEVER my intention to go blonde!

It was an accident done by my idiotic stylist (Whom I still go to once in a while, despite his stupidity, he's one of the best I know in KB... *sigh). I specifically told him to colour my hair Golden Sand which looks like THIS! And he said, it'll be okay as long as I bleached my hair and I'm like, WHY NOT! But then, I have no idea how on earth that happened though...

Truth be told, I was quite insecure with this colour. I did go bleach my hair long ago, but it turned out orangey rather than this way-nicer tone. But somehow, I received quite a lot of good feedbacks! (OR rather people are just too nicelyscared to say how bad it is infront of my face). So, I'm guessing its a blessing in disguise!

...I know, I haven't updated this blog for quite a while and I'm so sorry for that (My life's been busy OK!). I did think of making a new blog but then that didn't seem to work out. SO, I have decided to just stay with my old blog with the URL changed and I'm pretty sure that this one (URL) is just a temporary one ;-)




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